You are getting old…

We all are…

Every single day and that’s cool because that’s how life works. Which obviously sucks. But until they developing an anti ageing drug then we are all in the same boat. But there is something you can do to slow down that process it’s called…

Exercise and make good choices with your nutrition.

Now I fully understand that what I just told you is no revelation or big secret. However I just want to put it into perspective a bit more. We are all fully aware that things like the national retirement age is increasing. Which also sucks.
This is our reality and we need to be prepared for it. If we have to work longer then we need to be as fit and as active as possible. The type of job you do will determine how taxing your day to day activities are but even staying sharp mentally will come into play. As much as not all of us are thinking about what will happen that far down the line we need to put things in place to ensure we get there.
People kick off all the time about their pensions and how you won’t have as much you thought you would have. If you aren’t fit and healthy enough to enjoy it then what does it matter? We focus too much on the short term and not the long term. I urge you to play the long game.  Don’t just get fit, healthy and in better shape for your holiday coming up in a few weeks.
Get fit, healthy and in shape so you are still kicking ass in your 60’s and 70’s
Your future self will thank you for it.
Believe me.