Why is it so hard?

I shall tell you why…


We get to a point where we are comfortable and we put our feet up (literally) and stop doing the right things. Our eating habits aren’t what they should be and we spend most of our nights chilling on the couch watching TV. More than likely smashing our way through some snacks. This is a pretty easy life, not too stressful or strenuous. You may have these factors in your day job and feel you deserve the rest of a night.


That is totally your call and if you are happy with the results of that then who I am to judge.


But then what happens is we get to a point to where we are uncomfortable with ourselves. We have put on too much weight from all the inactivity and snacks. Then it is an absolute mission as to where to start. We are stuck in our ways and it takes a lot for us to change.


No one likes change.


Especially if that means losing weight and exercising.




Our bodies want to hang on to whatever it has and doesn’t like when you try to do something about it. That’s why it’s so hard and why most people start well but quickly go back to there old habits and revert back to the couch and the snacks.


People put on weight over months and even sometimes years but they want to lose it all again in 12 weeks. It doesn’t work like that. You need to push through and continue when it starts to get tough. I promise you it is worth it. Looking good, feeling good and having confidence in yourself is MASSIVE.


Don’t let a bit of hard work stand in your way of achieving success. It’s like anything in life. If it’s worth having it’s worth working for it. You put yourself in this position and it’s up to you to get yourself out of it.