Why Don’t You Sleep?

Now I am not tarring everyone with the same brush… However I keep seeing the same thing happening. People not going to bed early enough! Now you may be thinking how do I know this.

Ironically it’s through FACEBOOK. I wake up some mornings and I have notifications on my phone. This is mainly from posts to do with the gym or stuff I have been tagged in. So being the sad person I am I look at the time of the notification. More often than not it’s been at 11:42 or  11:49 pm.
I then often think to myself what are people still doing up at this time of day? Now I totally understand that some people just can’t go to sleep early. But I would beg to differ if it’s nearly midnight and you are still on your phone then this will likely be the reason you can’t sleep.
Stimulating your brain at that time of day will not be helpful to a good night’s sleep.
My other issue with this is that I imagine most people will be up reasonably early the next day for work or getting the kids sorted. So why choose to get less sleep just for the sake of seeing what other people are doing with their lives on Facebook. I may be wrong on this one and please tell me if you have a different opinion. Some studies show that the more sleep you get before 12pm is more beneficial to your overall sleep.
So maybe getting to bed just a bit earlier might help with everything else in life. You won’t know until you try and gaining sleep WILL benefit you. Checking social media at midnight will not so all I can ask is you put the phone down and count the sheep. There are other things you can do to help if you feel like you struggle to get to sleep in the first place. Things like reading, hot baths and ensuring you room is in complete darkness will all help with getting to sleep.
If you just can’t switch off then it make be a case of getting everything out of your head. Trying writing down a list of things you are currently thinking about or things you need to do the next day. This should get it out your head and allow your brain to switch off and get some well deserved sleep.