What are you afraid of?

Being in the fitness industry is amazing and getting to work with and help different people on a daily basis is great.

However with being in the industry you do notice certain things and traits that people hold towards fitness.


Some people are genuinely afraid of exercise and even trying it in the first place.


It’s fairly common and it holds so many people back from achieving happiness not only in their body but in themselves.


I see it in terms of people signing up for a 7 day FREE trial but never coming to the gym or making an enquiry but then never acting on the information provided.


Now don’t get me wrong people’s situations change and they sometimes they go to other gym’s. So these things do play a factor but mainly people seem afraid.


Firstly to put themselves out there for people to see.


Most people who want to attend the gym aren’t happy with why they look, hence why they want to change.


Most people don’t come because they really enjoy it. Secondly because it’s the unknown and probably something they have never done before like a new form of exercise.


These two factors lead people to put off doing something about their current situation.


Which obviously only makes things worse and delays the process of change.


This will mean you will go further backwards before you make any steps forward. I guess the real question is how do we get over this fear.


Well it starts with you.


‘You are the person who has to make that mental shift and say ‘Now is the time to make change’. 


No more messing about saying maybe then no.


You need to get to a point where the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of having to make the change.


Only you can make that decision.


So you can keep doing what you are currently doing, which may be nothing.


Things will stay the same and then we will get progressively worse.


Then one day you will snap and do something about it.


If you are already on the path to doing something about it then good for you.


Keep going, it gets easier when you start to see progress and you can justify why you are doing it.


Then one day you may even be able to enjoy it. Maybe.