This is so simple even YOU could do it…

Only kidding!


But it is pretty simple and it was just a simple change that I made to a daily habit that made it so much easier. Normally I consume water from 2L bottle from Aldi, so I just carry it about with me and drink it over the course of the day. I normally get through between 1.5 – 2 bottles per day. Therefore I normally consume between 3 – 4L of water per day.


But I was finding that I knew roughly how much I was drinking but not exactly. As I would drink most of one bottle in the morning and then take a fresh one to work in the afternoon and not quite finish that either. Meaning I some bottle left over with different amounts of water in them. So I decided to go back to using a proper water bottle.


This bottle is 1L, which is pretty handy. So we fill them up at night for the next day and have them stacked in the fridge. I just get up in the morning and grab one. The bonus is it’s nice and cold, which might not be too handy in the winter but it works just now. Now I know this is not rocket science or anything new but it works and I have really noticed a difference.


I am definitely drinking more water as a result of the change. I am not sure if the fact it’s only 1L instead of 2L makes it seem easier to drink. But I am drinking more in the mornings when I get up and know I am getting 4L in most days. The only down side is the increase in trips to the toilet, which I am used to by now so not the worst problem to have.


I know a lot of people struggle to drink enough water so just implementing a small change like this will definitely help you consume more water of the course of the day. It will also mean you can keep track of it easier too. I am not saying you need to drink 4L of water per day but I am guessing you could do with drinking more like the rest of us.


Small changes make the biggest difference.