The children are the future…

We all I am sure for the most part have fond memories of being a kid.


Heck, sometimes I still think I am a kid.


However it seems things look slightly different for the future generations and more than likely your own children. Not only with the increase in technology to ensure most children about the age of 8 have a smart phone, tablet device, TV in their room and access to the world wide web. This carries some amazing benefits for the children of today but it also carries some burdens too.


I am not actually here to discuss children and advancing technologies. I am here to discuss children and the rise in obesity levels. Now the fact we have an obesity epidemic on our hands is not new or groundbreaking information. However a recently study by The WHO (No not the amazing rock band from the 60/70’s) The World Health Organization found that obesity levels have increased 10 times what they were 40 years ago. Which means there are over 120 MILLION obese children in the world.


That is a very scary statistic.


You may or may not have kids. You may want to have them in the future. We need to stop the rot. Our mission should be to set an example to our children, us being their most influential teachers from an early age. Don’t set them up to fail, especially not with their health. You probably don’t even give it a second thought as your child may not have obesity, which is great. That doesn’t give you a free pass to not try and educate your kids as best you can.


I am not for one minute telling people how to raise their kids and never would do. But we do have a problem on our hands with obesity and surely we need to do everything we can do stop it and reverse it. There a lot of things in place to help combat this issue like the ‘Daily Mile’ kids do at school or projects kids do to promote health and well being. If we all done our bit it may not only help your own kids but other kids too.


The other bonus is that by setting a leading example to the youth of tomorrow it will only improve your own health and fitness in the process.


Which is never a bad thing.


As Whitney Houston once said “I believe the children are the future”


She isn’t wrong so lets give them half a chance.