Stop Passing The Buck…

I previously talked about seeing results or the lack there of. I spoke about our daily habits and having a plan to get from A to B. Now I stand by everything I mentioned in that post. The reason I am going over it again is to do with the reason we are where we are. The fact you are in situation good or bad is down to YOU and YOU alone.

We often hear excuses and reasons WHY we aren’t where we want to be. That isn’t just in terms of health and fitness. That includes job, social life, relationships and everything else. We are the reason we are where we are. There may be someone genuine reasons like illness that are out with our control to a certain extent. We all just want to throw out excuses to cover our track as to why we haven’t achieved something.

This is the same for the majority of people. I think about this a lot. I am not 100% in control of this either. My life has ups and downs and sometimes my fitness doesn’t get enough attention and time because I am spending time with my family or working. That’s not an excuse it’s a fact. It’s all a trade off from one thing to another. If often refer to it as spinning plates. I have a lot of plates to spin and I can’t keep them going at the same speed as I focus more on one thing than another sometimes. But that’s the way it is. I can’t make excuses because I paid more attention to my business rather than my fitness. At that point in time a felt that was more important.

So that’s what we need to do figure out what is IMPORTANT. Then we can focus on that and the other stuff doesn’t matter so much. We just need to accept the fact we can’t do it all. As much as we like to try. It’s like my point of reverse engineering your way from point A to point B. To get the maximum results for your goal we only need to focus on what is important and let the other stuff go. So it’s time to drop the excuses and double down on what needs to be the focus. If that’s relationships great, if that’s career great and if that’s you great.

It needs to personal to you not what someone else thinks you should be doing. Sadly mostly people are too focused on their own stuff to worry about YOU. This might seem a bit harsh but some of us need to hear it. It might just stop us falling back on our excuses as some sort of safety net.