Sometimes things don’t go as they should…

I hope you didn’t have a flight booked in or out of London this past weekend. As British Airways went into shut down. Leaving thousands of travellers in disarray.

It’s unthinkable for a company of that magnitude to have their whole operation totally disrupted. Life can throw some massive spanners in your plans sometimes.


In situations like this what can you do? Sometimes nothing. I mentioned this quote last week in a conversation with my wife and a few friends that life is10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. For the people at the mercy of BA’s flight schedule I can imagine how most of them have reacted.  Anger turning into rage and rage turning into sadness and disappointment. Then probably all the way back again.


Some people may have been able to get a different mode of transport, book a flight with another airline or manage to reschedule their trip altogether. But some people will be left helpless. I would never be easy to react to something like this in a positive way. However what choice do you have? Be miserable and sad or take it on the chin make a new plan and keep moving forward.


That reaction and how you deal with complications and hurdles in your life will always be up to you. You always have a choice. Maybe not a choice of if your flight will go on time or even at all but a choice of how you are going to deal with it. Things won’t always go your way or what you think should be your way. Which means you need to find a new way, a different path to go down that will ultimately lead you to the same place.


Your goal won’t always be linear and run down a straight smooth path. There will be bumps in the road and maybe even detours to get you  there. But as long as you get there then that’s the main thing. Then it’s onto the next one. If we are setting goals that truly mean something to us and we desperately want to achieve then we will find a way. It’s just that sometimes the goals are based on what people think they want rather than what they actually want usually based on other people’s opinions. Be clear in what you want to achieve.


Whatever happens keep swinging.