Schools our for Summer…

The first official day of the summer holidays is upon us.

Well that is if you are a kid who is off school for the summer or someone who works in education and gets the whole 7 weeks off too. The rest of us will just need to keep working away and if you are lucky enough to get a week or two off over the next few weeks then enjoy. This time of year can be when routines go out the window a little bit.
If you are off for a few days here and there or have two weeks off like I mentioned before it can be hard to maintain the habits you have during a normal working week. Now I am not saying never to go on holiday or take time off because it messes you up. We all need a break from the everyday grind and a chance to re charge the batteries.

So you have two choices when it comes to the ‘Holidays’

1. Damage Limitation

2. All out attack

Option 1 means you enjoy your time off but try and keep some routines in place and not just abandon all the hard work and effort you put in on a normal week by eating well and doing exercise. Therefore when you get back it will be a case of just falling back into your routine without too much hassle. The second option is ditching what you normally do and not lifting anything heavier than a wine glass and eating everything in site for the duration of your holiday.
This will make things a bit harder upon your return to shift those extra couple of pounds and get back to eating right and regular exercise. The choice is yours so choose wisely. But either way make sure you enjoy whatever free time you have over the summer with whoever you choose to spend it with.
To get better habits and routines you can use our 30 Day Fit program to get you on the right track.
We have just started this program again for July so it will be closed till at least August.
You might be needing it by then.