The reason you aren’t getting results…

Life can be a funny one sometimes. We go through a lot, great times, sad times and everything in between. We have ups and downs that effect our day to day mood, happiness and general outlook on life. As humans we let all this push and pull us in different directions of emotion. Good and bad. This is the key to our success in anything, not just in health and fitness.

It’s how we deal and handle what life gives us will determine our results.

Now I am not going to sit here and say it’s easy. It’s not that simple. I can’t say to someone who is going through genuine heart ache and pain that they should be doing more to control the food they eat or get to the gym more. That would make me a pretty bad person. I like to think I am not too bad. If I have someone who no matter what they do right (at least what they think is right) can’t get the results they so badly desire and they want to give up. Am I just going to give up on them?

Not a chance!

It’s my job to educate people on the best methods to get them to a place they are happy with themselves, their fitness and their health. As I mentioned it’s how we deal with all the different situations that we face on a daily basis that will determine if we WIN or not. As I also mentioned before that is easier than done. All comes down to our habits and routines.

If we get to a point when our good habits and routines out number our bad ones then we are onto a winner. This will ensure that when we do have a bad day or something unexpected happens then we are prepared. Our good habits will tick away in the background. Not all of them I must say but some of them will. It’s a form of damage limitation. If a few bad habits creep back in when the chips are down then that’s cool because when the clouds pass we are back to normality and all the good habits are back in play. Otherwise if we layer bad habits on top of more bad habits then it’s a compound effect and will only get worse.

Fitness can be a great outlet when things aren’t going well in terms of getting some headspace. Get a way from it all and just shut off. I just wished more people used this a coping strategy. It’s usually people’s nutrition that takes the biggest hit when they go through a bad patch. Most people comfort eat and use food as a short term cure for their problems.

I hear you saying ok ‘Smart Guy’ what do we do now? How do we get to this place you talk about?

Once again it’s not EASY. First you need to figure out where you are and where you want to go. What is point A your starting point and what is point B what you are aiming for. Then you can reverse engineering it so that you break it down into what is required. When it comes to health and fitness goals this usually revolves around eating better, going to the gym more and having more will power to stick at it.

This will get you so far but without a plan you might be back at your starting point before too long.

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