Protein powder will kill us…

Yesterday you may have seen the story in the news about ‘Protein Powder’. Stating that some of the claims so manufacturers put on the labels of these supplements is…
‘Wrong and Immoral’
Now I am not saying for one minute that some companies don’t talk absolute BS to try and sell a few extra tubs of protein. But the problem is that all most people heard yesterday on the news was:
‘Protein powder is evil and we shouldn’t not consume it, ever’
Not that it can be taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet to get sufficient amounts of protein into your diet. Now if people are using these as meal replacements on a regular basis then we have a problem. We all know that 80-90% of your calories should be coming for whole single ingredients foods. Things like protein powder are just a top up for the system.
So please don’t be horrified by the news glorifying these claims to make you think it’s bad for you.
I do recommend buying a decent standard of protein powder to ensure it hasn’t got too much junk in it. If you use it now and again and it works for you then keep using it.
Add it to your smoothies, Take it after the gym if it’s going to be a while before you get a substantial meal. We NEED protein in our diets. So without it you won’t last long. Of course the sources of that protein must be taken into consideration.
But as long as you aren’t smashing 6 protein shakes a day then you are fine.
You heard it hear first. The news is brutal at the best of times, this is the icing on the cake.
Studies and research are important but it is also important to try and separate the good from the bad. It also important to sift through the nonsense headlines that the media publish to try and grab your attention and make you believe that certain products or things we consume are evil.
The devil is in the dosage. As always.