Is Insanity just insane?

Why do we feel the need to go all out on workouts and diets to achieve our goals?

By Mark Gallagher                                        15/04/2016

I see and hear people all the time talking about how they want to feel like they can’t walk or breath by the time they finish at the gym (hence my reference to Insanity) or how they are on some extreme diet like drinking juice for 3 days or they can’t eat carbs EVER!!!! Now all this seems crazy to me but I get it. We want results and we want them last week, that’s the problem. We start something new and get impatient then give up after a few weeks because we aren’t seeing results fast enough. What would happen if we kept going with the program and became CONSISTENT? I know that word is seen as boring and not very sexy but it’s what we all need. If you are consistent with good habits like structured workouts and eating the right foods you will see results, you will be happy and you won’t have to start again.

Why put yourself through it?

No one wants to start over and over again doing the same thing and getting nowhere. So STOP doing it. Lets get to a point where you are confident enough to let loose for a few days for a special occasion or go on holiday and not have to worry about what foods you are eating or if you get any exercise in. That is a great indicator of where you are at in terms of health and body weight/shape.

Don’t STOP, keep going and take it a step at a time. Lets look at a couple of reasons people go all out then give up.

  1. These fad diets, cleanses and juice diets are designed to make you lose weigh, which is obvious. If you don’t eat any proper food you will lose weight. It’s not rocket science. What happens when you go back to eating real food? I don’t really need to answer that question. Severe calorie restriction is UNHEALTHY and SUCKS! No wonder you quit.
  2. Every workout you do doesn’t need to be an all out physical attack on your body. There are times when it’s good to train hard but as long as your workouts are structured and you enjoy them you will see results. You don’t need to be crawling out the gym every time you go. Do what you enjoy don’t put yourself through something you hate because you think it will help you lose an extra pound.
  3. The enthusiasm wears off pretty quickly. We are all excited and keen to start new diets and a new program at the gym but then realise it’s not easy and we give up before we have the chance to really see results. Give it a chance, it works.

It all comes down to being happy!

If you aren’t happy do something about it, make a change. Then stick to that change for a significant period of time to see if it works for you and you enjoy it. If it works and you enjoy it keep doing that. Get consistent with the basics and you wont have to start another FAD diet or join a new gym AGAIN.


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