How do you know if you are ready?

I see it all the time…

People get in touch saying they are ready to get started ‘I want to change’ is often the phrase used. Now this is all well and good but this alone is not enough. Saying you are ready to change isn’t the same as actually changing. The mental decision when you say I have had enough and I can’t continue this way. It’s only going to get worse and you will become even more unhappy with yourself. It’s sadly a domino effect and one thing can set off a chain reaction and all the other aspects of your life start to fall down.

I see a lot of people signing up at the gym thinking that this is the only step required for them to change how they look and feel. They very quickly get into old habits and routines, This prevents them from making progress and becomes pointless them having even signed up in the first place. They never thought about the actual work they would need to put in for them to get results. Then they start to resent the fact they are paying for something they don’t use. Then they cancel.

Back to square one.

There are a few ways to combat this and they can be linked to your personality. Do we need to go all in and change everything at once or do we need to start slow and build up one habit at a time. That’s down to you knowing what kind of person you are. However as I alluded to before the main reason you will decide to make the change for good is when it you truly and honestly had enough. When you look at yourself and say I can’t live like this for ever. Only then will you make that mental switch.

In truth most people will never get to this stage. They will float between feeling down about the way they look to not being that bothered. They will go back and forth and never get to the enough is enough stage. You can however prevent this from happening at all by taking control of our actions and make a plan.