Don’t walk around in pain…

You always have a choice!

We see a lot of people coming into the gym for treatment for different things. Lower back pain, shoulder pain and just general aches and pains. Now luckily we have great people at the gym who can treat these ailments and get people moving again. But this is where the problem lies. People think a couple of sessions of massage or with a physio then everything will be sorted and it’s back to normal.


If only that was the case.


What happens is people get treated and then go back to doing whatever it was they were doing before being that their day job or playing their sport. The majority of the time they have the pain or discomfort is due to the things they are doing on a daily basis. Like sitting at a desk 6 – 8 hours a day. You do get injuries that are accidental like broken wrists or tearing a muscle but 9 times out 10 it’s poor movement that gets people in trouble.


People don’t want to put the work in. When our specialists treat a client they will then send them away with corrective exercises to do DAILY which will help with the pain and should be them back to full function. The problem is most people don’t do it. They are too busy, too tired or just can’t be bothered. But 3 weeks later they come back with the same problem. There is no sense in this whatsoever.


We all want the quick fix, the 30 minute appointment that will take care of everything and we can get on with ours days. However I am almost certain that this pain/discomfort has been built up over time and you just put up with it for a while before doing anything about it. So we can’t expect to be fixed in one appointment and without putting any work in to make it better.


It’s the same with people looking to lose weight. They spend months if not years putting weight on but end up expecting to lose it all again in 8 weeks. I am not the best at maths but it doesn’t work like that. You don’t need to walk around in pain because movement with  a purpose on a daily basis will make you feel great and keep you feeling great. Not everyone has the ability to move freely so if you do make sure you take care of business.