Why don’t you make time?

Are you making excuses for not having time to exercise or eat healthy by preparing food.

By Mark Gallagher                                        31/03/2016

We all lead busy lives and free time can be sometimes at a premium. I get that I really do, it can be tough at times. Although I would argue if something means that much you would make time for it. Some things cant be controlled, like how many hours you work or having to use your time to care and look after your family. These things can’t really be traded off for something else. The term TRADE OFF is really important here and should be something we think about a LOT. Why I mean by trade off is what can you trade time wise to have more things to do what you really want to do. Lets have a look….

What can I trade?

Now in terms of health and fitness this all comes down to how much you want to lose weight, look and feel better. There are things in everyday life that you can trade off to become healthier and a better version of yourself. I know I am biased but I would think most people want that.

If you want it enough you can make it happen, lets me time not excuses.

  1. This is probably the biggest one I think people could change. People say they have no time yet watch 2 – 3 hours of TV per day. Trade 30 – 60 of those minutes for some effective exercise that you enjoy 3 – 4 times per week and you will notice a massive difference. That’s potentially 2 hours per week. You have 168 hours at your disposal. You can spare 2 of them.
  2. Sleep is a tricky one because I don’t want you cutting into your quality sleep time and getting less but it’s a fine line. I am sure we could get up a bit earlier in the morning to make a nutritious breakfast, prepare your lunch or put something in the slow cooker for dinner. You could even do it the night before if that’s easier but the point is that you do it in the first place.
  3. People say eating healthy food takes too long to prepare, hence the last point about getting up early to make your food for the day. I would beg to differ. It takes 10 minutes to make an omlette for breakfast or 15 minutes to grill a chicken breast and boil some vegetables. Now that’s fast food.

Lets stop using time as an excuse!

You may not want to TRADE OFF things in your life to incorporate exercise or healthy eating. If you are happy with that then that’s fine keep doing what you are doing. However I suspect you wouldn’t be reading a blog about health and fitness if you didn’t want to improve that very aspect of your life

The TV and the BED will always be there your HEALTH may not.

Just think about it!


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