Do you even care?

I bang on about health and fitness a LOT. It’s my job and something I love and care about, not only for helping myself but for everyone I work with. Now I am guessing you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t care too much about your health and fitness. Well when I say ‘Don’t Care’ that’s maybe the wrong term but some people give off that impression even if that’s not their intention.

I shall explain in a bit more detail as to what I mean. Some people have no interest in doing exercise because they don’t enjoy it and don’t see the importance. These same people eat whatever they want with no thought in terms of nutrition input good or bad. Some people on the outside get away with it by staying naturally slim and don’t have excessive weight gain from their lack of exercise on bad nutritional choices.

These are the people that we love to hate. They eat what they want and don’t exercise but never put on weight. My question is do you even care? Whether it’s through lack of knowledge regarding health and fitness some people just aren’t interested. I would counter that by saying just because on the outside things look ok in terms of body shape they aren’t necessarily ok on the inside and even if they are they won’t always be.

Exercise and a balanced nutritional approach is essential to long term health and disease prevention. It can’t be overlooked to the point where we just neglect what it is we should be doing. Now this will mean different things for different people. We don’t all do the same types of exercise or eat the same types of foods but we must ensure we are making a conscious effort to improve our habits and routines.

So I stress highly that you take care of your health and fitness to make sure you are still here annoying people for years to come. If you don’t know what to do then find out. Learn and take action. You will look back and think how did I survive walking around feeling like crap all day compared to how I feel now. But you have to go through that change to experience it and find out for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it.

If anyone should care about YOUR body and looking after YOUR health and fitness then it should be YOU. No one will do it for you.