Change needs to be embraced to see results…

Changing for a week or two will not get the job done.

I see people going all in on their new diet plan or training program and they hit they ground running. It’s like they are a new person and have flipped the script on how they normal live their lives. This is great to see but it can be often a false dawn and not last the pace when it comes to long term results.

Ironically people have a fear of getting started with these things because they don’t want to change their ways but when they do start it’s all or nothing. No more crisps, chocolate, fizzy juice or remotely ‘Bad’ for you. After a few days they start to feel better, they have more energy and believe that they can see this through to a place they can manage and be happy.

Then one day they forget to prep their food for the day and have to buy processed alternatives. They then miss the gym two session in a row for various reasons. After a week or two they start to settle back into old habits like watching too much tv and eating junk while doing so and feel guilty but don’t stop themselves.

New habits can take up to 21 days to develop and become routine.

Most of us are more than likely on the cusp of forming new habits and routines by doing them for a few weeks before reverting back to our old ways. We just don’t give ourselves a chance and enough time to make it to the other side of the new habit. Which is where most people fall down.

So the next time you start something new give yourself a decent amount of time for it to actually work. Therefore you will then allow yourself the chance to get the benefit from it and not give after 12 days and declare it a failure. There needs to be patience.

It’s like if you start a new job or career. You don’t expect to be promoted or given a pay rise straight away. You need to work hard and push yourself and only then will you be given the rewards you deserve.

In the grand scheme of things 21 days is not a long time, so give yourself a chance.