Is living in Britain making us unhealthy?

Now there are a lot of things that I love about Britain and is has so much to offer. Therefore I am not hating on this great Island. But if we are honest the weather here isn’t the best, we have our moments but in the main it’s no Spain. My point is that if we had better weather year round would it lead us to live healthier and fitter lifestyles?


There are a few reasons for this theory…


If the weather is warmer we generally tend to wear less clothes and obviously when doing so we would like to look as good as possible. In winter here we tend to hide underneath big hoodies and comfy clothes with no need to expose ourselves due to the climate. This is an easy option and ensures we don’t have to think about wearing a nice dress or swimsuit.


Then there are the darker times, after June 21st we are en route to the darker nights and mornings. This does nothing to encourage getting outdoors or to the gym to exercise. We want to stay inside cuddled up on the couch all warm and cosy. This leads to us burning less calories over the course of the day and potentially binge eating while watching TV.


Lastly the climate also leads us to comfort eat. When it’s cold, wet and miserable we want something warm and stodgy. This mainly comes in the form of carbs and lots of them. If we had warmer weather would you be more inclined to eat more salads or fruits? This would potentially mean we wouldn’t over eat on our daily calories and therefore not gain excess weight.


Now what does all of this mean for those of us that live in Britain?


Well that is entirely up to you. Only you can decide if you want to make the right choices with your diet and exercise habits. The weather, the place you live and the choices your make are all about mindset. If you make the right choices consistently you will get the results you desire.


Until then you will be on the couch in your baggy clothes eating whatever source of carbs you can get your hands on.

Are you obsessed?

As people we tend to get OBSESSED about certain things whether it’s cars, clothes, sports, other people etc. It must be something in our DNA that we become so attached to these things. We think about them all the time when we aren’t directly involved with whatever our obsession is.


Currently it seems that as a nation we are obsessed with LOVE ISLAND.


It’s on the TV every night and it’s basically people watching people try and find LOVE. I use the word love lightly it’s more like try and find £50,000 prize money. Things like this take over people’s lives. They watch it religiously and talk about it at work and with their friends.


Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does start to create an imbalance. We focus so much on one thing that we forget about everyone else. So whether it’s a TV program or sports or clothes or anything else we need to remember the other important things in life.


Does anyone get obsessed about their health and fitness?


Of course they do. They are maybe a bit harder to find than the Love Island addicts but they are out there. You probably expect me to say that’s a great thing and we should have more people like that. Don’t get me wrong I wish more people cared about their health and fitness as much as they cared about their favourite TV show. But it’s still an obsession so finding balance in all aspects of life is definitely the goal.


That is easier said than done but by focusing on the right things then we can allow ourselves time to indulge when we can on the things we really enjoy. Sometimes we need to be obsessed with something to achieve great things but I am referring more to everyday life and the things we put a lot of importance onto in terms of our time and thoughts. This will ultimately take away from the things that NEED to be done rather than just the stuff we want to do.


Don’t worry you will maybe still have time to watch LOVE ISLAND.

You are wasting your time…

People always use the excuse of not having enough time to get stuff done.


Especially exercise, it’s most people’s favourite get out clause as to why they haven’t been to the gym or a class or done anything at all. Now I am fully aware that life gets in the way of the things we would like to do or at least feel we need to do.


That’s ok.


In those times you need to write it off to focus on what’s important or you need to push back and CREATE time to do the things we need/want to do. But that isn’t really the point I am trying to make. What I am trying to say is that people use the excuse of not having time but blatantly waste time doing things that in all seriousness could be done some other time or not at all.


I am guessing you want me to give you some examples?


My pleasure.


TV is a big one and always has been. I’d like to see how many hours people actually watch TV per week. I am sure the number would surprise you. Then we have the ever-present mobile phone. Now I am first to admit that for my business I couldn’t live without my phone but I try as much as possible to restrict my time on it and especially out of working hours. Social media is along side TV the BIGGEST time stealer we have. You can get lost in your phone for a long time.


Before you know it you have spent 30 minutes going from video to video or scrolling through your news feed.


Time is precious. You don’t get it back. Don’t waste it.


I would suggest blocking out a specific amount of time to get the important things done. Now it’s obviously my job to tell you to use that time to exercise or food prep. If getting a better body and feeling good about yourself is your goal then you should but it can also be used to get other important tasks done.


Set aside some time and don’t let anything get in the way of what you are doing.


Turn off your phone, record your favourite program and get to work.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face…

Thankfully I haven’t been punched in the face, well not recently and hopefully not anytime soon. I did however attend a charity boxing event recently and I was there to support a good friend who was taking part.


Rather him than me!


But in all seriousness it takes real guts to do something like that. Having never done anything like that it must be pretty nerve racking to get up in front of 4 or 5 hundred people and try to punch someone in the face while try to avoid the same fate.


It comes down to the whole concept of the comfort zone and making sure we are stepping outside it on a regular basis. Obviously the people involved in the charity boxing event had to train for weeks prior to the event trying to get themselves physically fit enough to take part while learning to box at the same time.


Not a lot happens in the comfort zone but when you step outside and challenge yourself then that’s when good things start to happen. You find out who you are and what you are capable of. Where that’s in your life, career, health and fitness it’s all about trying to be better than you were yesterday.


I have massive respect for the boys that took part in the boxing event because once you step into that ring and all eyes and lights are on you it’s a different ball game. Of course it was all for charity and great causes. But as Mike Tyson once said


“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”


So if you are wondering why you aren’t achieving things or aren’t getting results then maybe it’s because you are hanging about in the comfort zone too much. We are all guilty of it at times. Comfy clothes on, sitting on the couch in front of the TV with some snacks. That is my vision of the comfort zone. Sometimes it’s needed but don’t hang about in there too long.


You might not find your way back.


Knowing when to stop…

Most of my health and fitness advice is aimed at helping people improve their routines and habits to make their nutrition and exercise more effective. Also so that it leads people to reach their goals and feel happy/healthy. However today I would like to discuss something slightly different.


Taking time off!


I am going on holiday and taking a week away from it all, well as much as possible to re charge the batteries and spend some quality time with the family.


My question is do we do this enough?


If you are a hard worker with a busy schedule that has to maintain a work, social and family life then you need to ensure you throw in some down time to cope with the demands of everyday life. Now don’t get me wrong if you also look after yourself in terms of your health and fitness by eating right, sleeping well, drinking enough water and exercising then you will be able to operate at a high level. Sustaining energy levels on not feeling tired most of the time.


But long term we need to schedule in downtime to re charge mentally as well as physically. When we break that everyday day routine and go somewhere different or try something different then we can reap the benefits when we go back to normal everyday life.


I know most people don’t need to be told to take a break or a holiday but some of us do. When you are working hard to provide for your family and be successful sometimes it’s hard to take time away. But like I mentioned before it will only benefit you in the long run.


Our bodies are amazing machines but just like if we eat too much food or drinking too much alcohol it will start to fail on us. So if you have the chance to get away or do something different then make sure you take it.


I mean actually take it…


Don’t spend it checking in Facebook to see what everyone else is up to or doing the same old stuff you always do but just not going to work. Be present and enjoy the moment because before you know it you will be back to the grind.


That’s what I intend to do.

My Ideal Day…

Now this is my ideal day in terms of health and fitness. Not my ultimate ideal day as I am not that sad.


If I had sufficient time to train, eat, sleep and move the way I wanted to then this is how it would go down. Now you may say that if these things are so important then surely I would make time for them.


Well the truth is I do. Just not everyday as life gets in the way sometimes.


Ok here goes.


I would wake up after 7.5/8 hours sleep as this amount is great for me and I feel good for the whole day. I would consume my go breakfast of 4 scrambled eggs with some vegetables through it and this would be washed down by my greens smoothie. So this would constitute my first meal of the day.


I would then do a 20 minute mobility session to help keep my body moving well and pain free. This is made up of various exercises/movements working different parts of the body. I would follow this up with a 30/40 minute walk at an easy pace. Again this gets me moving outside in the fresh air.


Going back to the eating side of things I would have a snack of Greek yoghurt with some fruit and a naked bar and then lunch would be Salmon with vegetables and some rice or quinoa. These two meals would be spread out by a few hours depending on hungry and activity levels.


My last bout of exercise of the day would be a gym based training session. This session would focus on big compound movements such as squats or deadlifts along with some other movements such as pull ups/push ups/Overhead Press and some kettlebell work.


I would have a post workout shake filled with milk, water, oats, protein powder and some fruit. This will help to start refueling the system after the work out. I would need to fit some dinner in at some point to complete the day. This would be a chicken stir-fry with lots of vegetables and maybe some noodles/rice.


This would be an ideal training/eating day for me and doing this consistency will keep me on the right track and moving forward. Some of the details will change on a daily basis like ingredients of food and exercise selection in the gym but the principles remain the same.


This is not everyday, just an example of a really good day.


What would yours look like?

Do you ever get the feeling you aren’t getting anywhere?

Sometimes it’s like you are on the treadmill of life and it’s going nowhere.


We put all this effort into trying to stay fit and healthy. We try and eat the right things, we try and exercise a few times a week. Yet we see minimal progress and this isn’t the best thing for motivation. So what reasons could cause us to see minimal or little progress?


  1. We are just going through the motions and not pushing ourselves.
  2. We aren’t consistent enough with our habits.
  3. What we are doing isn’t working for us.


Let’s look at the first one. Sometimes we think we are doing all the right things in terms of eating and exercise but often we are just going through the motions and doing just enough to get by in the gym. So we do our classes or training program but keep doing the same things hence once your body has adapted progress will slow right down. We need to keep mixing it up and keep pushing ourselves.


The second reason of not being consistent with your habits is another BIG reason we don’t get where we want to. When we start new programs we get really excited and are all in with all the things we need to do. Diet, exercise, water, sleep etc and then we get lazy and stop doing the things we know we should be doing. Consistency is the KEY to success. End of.


The last reason is not something many people realise but sometimes what you are doing isn’t working for you. Like the exercise you are taking part in isn’t making much difference to your body shape or that you think you are consuming healthy food but are over eating on your calories which will not help with weight loss.


All these things play a part in your chances of success when it comes to losing weight, changing your body shape and being healthy/happy. Without them our chances of success are slim. We need to trust the process and follow it. Find a plan that you enjoy and that works for you. Make small changes regularly within that program to ensure continued progress and you should be onto a winner.


Turn up, put in the effort and reap the rewards.

What are you afraid of?

Being in the fitness industry is amazing and getting to work with and help different people on a daily basis is great.

However with being in the industry you do notice certain things and traits that people hold towards fitness.


Some people are genuinely afraid of exercise and even trying it in the first place.


It’s fairly common and it holds so many people back from achieving happiness not only in their body but in themselves.


I see it in terms of people signing up for a 7 day FREE trial but never coming to the gym or making an enquiry but then never acting on the information provided.


Now don’t get me wrong people’s situations change and they sometimes they go to other gym’s. So these things do play a factor but mainly people seem afraid.


Firstly to put themselves out there for people to see.


Most people who want to attend the gym aren’t happy with why they look, hence why they want to change.


Most people don’t come because they really enjoy it. Secondly because it’s the unknown and probably something they have never done before like a new form of exercise.


These two factors lead people to put off doing something about their current situation.


Which obviously only makes things worse and delays the process of change.


This will mean you will go further backwards before you make any steps forward. I guess the real question is how do we get over this fear.


Well it starts with you.


‘You are the person who has to make that mental shift and say ‘Now is the time to make change’. 


No more messing about saying maybe then no.


You need to get to a point where the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of having to make the change.


Only you can make that decision.


So you can keep doing what you are currently doing, which may be nothing.


Things will stay the same and then we will get progressively worse.


Then one day you will snap and do something about it.


If you are already on the path to doing something about it then good for you.


Keep going, it gets easier when you start to see progress and you can justify why you are doing it.


Then one day you may even be able to enjoy it. Maybe.



Schools our for Summer…

The first official day of the summer holidays is upon us.

Well that is if you are a kid who is off school for the summer or someone who works in education and gets the whole 7 weeks off too. The rest of us will just need to keep working away and if you are lucky enough to get a week or two off over the next few weeks then enjoy. This time of year can be when routines go out the window a little bit.
If you are off for a few days here and there or have two weeks off like I mentioned before it can be hard to maintain the habits you have during a normal working week. Now I am not saying never to go on holiday or take time off because it messes you up. We all need a break from the everyday grind and a chance to re charge the batteries.

So you have two choices when it comes to the ‘Holidays’

1. Damage Limitation

2. All out attack

Option 1 means you enjoy your time off but try and keep some routines in place and not just abandon all the hard work and effort you put in on a normal week by eating well and doing exercise. Therefore when you get back it will be a case of just falling back into your routine without too much hassle. The second option is ditching what you normally do and not lifting anything heavier than a wine glass and eating everything in site for the duration of your holiday.
This will make things a bit harder upon your return to shift those extra couple of pounds and get back to eating right and regular exercise. The choice is yours so choose wisely. But either way make sure you enjoy whatever free time you have over the summer with whoever you choose to spend it with.
To get better habits and routines you can use our 30 Day Fit program to get you on the right track.
We have just started this program again for July so it will be closed till at least August.
You might be needing it by then.

You are getting old…

We all are…

Every single day and that’s cool because that’s how life works. Which obviously sucks. But until they developing an anti ageing drug then we are all in the same boat. But there is something you can do to slow down that process it’s called…

Exercise and make good choices with your nutrition.

Now I fully understand that what I just told you is no revelation or big secret. However I just want to put it into perspective a bit more. We are all fully aware that things like the national retirement age is increasing. Which also sucks.
This is our reality and we need to be prepared for it. If we have to work longer then we need to be as fit and as active as possible. The type of job you do will determine how taxing your day to day activities are but even staying sharp mentally will come into play. As much as not all of us are thinking about what will happen that far down the line we need to put things in place to ensure we get there.
People kick off all the time about their pensions and how you won’t have as much you thought you would have. If you aren’t fit and healthy enough to enjoy it then what does it matter? We focus too much on the short term and not the long term. I urge you to play the long game.  Don’t just get fit, healthy and in better shape for your holiday coming up in a few weeks.
Get fit, healthy and in shape so you are still kicking ass in your 60’s and 70’s
Your future self will thank you for it.
Believe me.