Are you stuck in your ways?

As people we all have different personalities and think differently about everything. Obviously certain people agree on certain things and others disagree depending on the subject matter. When it comes to mindset and how you view things you can either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.


A fixed mindset is where you have certain core beliefs that define you as a person. Typically with a fixed mindset you aren’t really willing to change these beliefs or progress/change. A great example of this would be back in the 90’s when the Internet first appeared and people said it was a fad and wouldn’t last. So far I think the Internet is winning that battle. It’s not being able to open yourself up to new possibilities.


I think we all can be guilty of this from time to time and get stuck in our ways and not push ourselves to do more and be more based on what we perceive to be reality. It could be how you were raised that everything is black and white and that is it. We all a product of our environment.


When you approach life with more of a growth mindset the possibilities are endless. You can do and be what ever you want to be. This clearly takes hard work and application but everything we do is evolution. We create something and we refine it and make it better as the years go by. Technology is always the obvious go to for referencing growth and evolution.


However in the world of science especially with things like nutrition and exercise we are always seeing developments. Things that people thought were healthy for you 20 years ago aren’t the same as what they are today. It just goes to show that nothing is set in stone except taxes and death so we shouldn’t view them to be so.


Expand your horizons and make sure you try to have a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset when it comes to everything in life.