Are you obsessed?

As people we tend to get OBSESSED about certain things whether it’s cars, clothes, sports, other people etc. It must be something in our DNA that we become so attached to these things. We think about them all the time when we aren’t directly involved with whatever our obsession is.


Currently it seems that as a nation we are obsessed with LOVE ISLAND.


It’s on the TV every night and it’s basically people watching people try and find LOVE. I use the word love lightly it’s more like try and find £50,000 prize money. Things like this take over people’s lives. They watch it religiously and talk about it at work and with their friends.


Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does start to create an imbalance. We focus so much on one thing that we forget about everyone else. So whether it’s a TV program or sports or clothes or anything else we need to remember the other important things in life.


Does anyone get obsessed about their health and fitness?


Of course they do. They are maybe a bit harder to find than the Love Island addicts but they are out there. You probably expect me to say that’s a great thing and we should have more people like that. Don’t get me wrong I wish more people cared about their health and fitness as much as they cared about their favourite TV show. But it’s still an obsession so finding balance in all aspects of life is definitely the goal.


That is easier said than done but by focusing on the right things then we can allow ourselves time to indulge when we can on the things we really enjoy. Sometimes we need to be obsessed with something to achieve great things but I am referring more to everyday life and the things we put a lot of importance onto in terms of our time and thoughts. This will ultimately take away from the things that NEED to be done rather than just the stuff we want to do.


Don’t worry you will maybe still have time to watch LOVE ISLAND.