Are you killing yourself?

The world of business can be a frantic affair. Especially when you are in business for yourself or hold an important position within the company you work for. The pressures that come with your job are taking their toll on you whether you realise it or not. People are still working 60 – 80 hours a week just to the job done.


This doesn’t always leave room for much else in your life in terms of social life, family time, sleep, exercise and good daily habits when it comes to your nutrition. These are the things that take a back seat and you start to let things slip just to ensure the latest project gets done.


Is that trade off worth it?


Over time your work rate, level of performance and energy levels will all start drop and then the quality of your work will start to suffer. This is when you need to consider is it worth pushing and pushing with no let up before something bigger than fatigue stops you in your tracks like severe illness. It’s not guaranteed that you will fall ill but there is more chance if you aren’t looking after yourself.


I am all for hard work and being a business owner myself makes me appreciate the fact that we have to put the hours in otherwise our ship will sink. I do also know the difference of when I am firing on all cylinders through a balanced approach to my work/life balance rather than just keep going until something has to give.


Your way of doing things will be different to the next person as they have to work for you but the principles will be the same for most of us. Don’t burn out trying to be the hero. The real hero’s know when to push and when to rest.


Ultimately in the long run you will be better off and get more SHIT done.