Isn’t it time you stopped looking in the mirror and seeing someone else? It’s time to the reveal the REAL you.

Are you SICK of being stuck in a rut and never seeing changes?

Wish some one would show you EXACTLY what you need to do?

My name is Mark Gallagher and I run Synergy Performance. The reason I started doing this is because I believe everyone can change, given the right information, guidance, support and help. I am a husband and father who has a passion for health and fitness, which has led me to this point (through a changes in direction over the years)

I have worked with many people just like you and together we have implemented changes that last a lifetime. Giving you the tools so you can do it yourself and ultimately make your own choices.

I love seeing people achieve their goals and improve their health, which ultimately improves their whole lives. It’s truly amazing when someone gets to a point they didn’t think was possible only a short time ago.

Being active has always been a big part of my life having played various sports over the years but I have really found my passion. I initially got into this industry to help myself have a better understanding and make myself fitter, stronger and most of all healthier. Once I realised I could help other people do the same I was hooked.

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I first joined Synergy Performance in November 2014. I had pretty much turned into a couch potato and enough was enough....... I had to do something.

I had previous experience with Mark and had been involved in a previous personal training venture as I had been out of gym work for so long. One to one training was what I needed at the time. I was unable to continue with the personal training but still walked and tried to maintain a certain amount of fitness.

I was a member at another gym but with limited direction and zero encouragement I had to make a decision.............

So now was the time..... I bit the bullet and went along to my first kettle bells class at Synergy Performance.

Gym selection was easy......

Mark is one of the best. He is passionate, personable, skilled, thoughtful, encouraging and firm. He is considerate ( I have a dodgy knee!) and always makes you feel included. He suggests exercises that are individually challenging and always make you feel able to turn it up a notch and push yourself just that little bit harder. The gym is fun - I actually find myself loving the gym and no longer find exercising a chore! The other clients get involved with each other and we have actually become good friends with one another - all in an environment created by Mark. We are also encourage to boost each others confidence and often work with each other taking it in turns to carry out the suggested exercise........ we say words of encouragement when the going gets tough which is a massive help!

I feel treated as a gym member and an equal, not an inconvenience in any way. My initial fitness (or lack of) was never a hassle Clients are all at different levels but within any class the exercises are tailored to suit members of all capabilities.

The gym facilities are second to none. Gym members have a varied selection of equipment from kettle bells, weights, bars and balls, benches and ropes, punch bags and ropes mats and the track - not to mention the dreaded "prowler growler"

The classes are never the same and so I never get bored. Although I know I am attending a kettle bells, TBC or HIT class - the exercises differ from class to class. I never know what I am going to be doing and so my entire body gets a work out. I also notice a massive difference in my mood. I am a happier person in general and a lot more content with life. I feel invigorated after class - I never thought the gym could make me feel like that as I had previously found exercise laborious and more of a chore.

I started of doing a couple of classes a week and now look forward to my 4-5 classes.

I am so happy with the improvements in my body. My shape has changed in all the places I need it to. My waist is smaller, my arms are tighter. My entire body is a lot more toned than when I started just a short time ago. I receive compliments from friends and family which, along with Mark and members, gives me the encouragement and motivation to continue with my exercise regime.

We get regular Facebook updates on class, any changes and all things new. Mark has been supportive of all gym members, namely when a recent member ran a marathon for Macmillan Nurse. There was a fun, but equally hard gym class held to support the client raise funds!

Joining Synergy Performance has been life changing and I would be at a loss without it.

Gillian Sturrock - Synergy Core Fit Member

Gullian Sturrock
Synergy Core Fit Member

Well what can I say about Synergy Performance, this place has quite literally changed my life. I started attending the gym in January 2015 for personal training with Mark as I was at a point in my life where I was very unhappy with the way I looked physically. I was wearing a size 12 that were far too tight and I reused to buy a 14.

That is why I made the decision that I had to do something or I was just going to continue to get bigger and bigger so I spoke to Mark. I told him I wasn't concerned with what the scales said I just wants to change my body shape so if could get back some of my body confidence that I had lost. He spoke to me about my eating habits which to be honest weren't great. I'm a vegetarian and I used to eat junk/takeaways a lot. I tried to eat better but I was just eating the same stuff all the time and got fed with the same foods that I would go back to eating rubbish. Mark helped by giving me meal plans with different food ideas and recipes that I hadn't thought about. He also explained the importance of drinking plenty of water, I never really used to drink a lot, I only really drank when I was eating. But I learnt that when I was thinking I was hungry I was actually thirsty and not taking enough fluids. The way I look at food has completely changed yeah I still have bad stuff now and again but I couldn't got back to eating the way I was, even my kids are eating better cause they see me and their dad eating better they are going for the fruit more over the sweets & crisps.

The PT sessions are great as Mark concentrates on the parts of my body that I want to improve and does a set that is specific to me and my needs. When I first started I couldn't do push-ups and now I cannot a lot at one time but I can still do them ! I've tried going to gyms and I'd go on the cross trainer, treadmill & bike and that would be about it, but I wanted to do something that would work the areas that I had issues with and that's what Mark does. When I started I will say I was a 14 and now my size 12's are too big, I need a belt to keep my jeans up ! It's been lovely also when people have been saying WOW what a difference they see in me not just I'm my appearance but I'm a lot happier within myself, it makes me want to work harder.

I've also started attending the kettle bell & kettle bell combo classes. The classes are great there are all different shapes, sizes & ages and everyone is so friendly. I've been to classes elsewhere and found them cliquey and not very welcoming. The classes are a full proper workout and trust me the next day you know you've done a work out, I never got that from other classes so I think I might not have been doing the exercises the right way to get the full benefit from them but Mark will guide you if you're not quite doing it the right way. I've got a few good friends that have seen my transformation and have heard my raving on about how much I love going to the gym that they have come to a few classes with me and have now all taken out memberships and are feeling the benefits too. They know it must of be good for me still to be attending 6 months down the line as I used to hate physical exercise !

Now that I get up get the kids to school, get to the gym and work out I've found it sets me up for the day to get on and get stuff done instead of going home and sitting on my bum. Even if I've has a stressful day going to one of the classes at night helps relieve me of the stress, and I'm not snapping at the other half and kids as much as I'm eating healthier and exercising so I'm sleeping so much better and my skin looks so much healthier.

I've been to other gyms before and found them quite intimidating, Synergy Performance isn't like that everyone is so friendly all the other gym users will lend you a helping hand or advice with exercises if you need it. I honestly can't recommend Mark and Synergy Performance enough nothing is ever too much for Mark and he hoes above and beyond to help you archive and maintain your goal I can't thank him enough.

Lindsay Jardine
Synergy Elite Fit Member