5 Tips to get through the weekend…

I know the weekend has just passed us by but if you blink long enough the next one will be here before you know it. Most of us struggle to through the weekend without any for of indulgence, feeling of guilt or that all our health and fitness aspirations are out the window if we continue like this.


I totally feel your pain, the weekend is a tough one to navigate.


I struggle with it myself sometimes and try to justify it by telling myself I have been good all week and deserve to loosen the rains a bit. Which to a certain extend is true but not to the point where I am hoovering up every morsel of find that passes my eyes.


So I come bearing gifts, some tips and tricks to make it out of the weekend alive and not adding pounds to the scales to taking them off your bank balance.


Here goes:


  1. Give yourself a head start

You know the weekend is coming so why not get prepared for it? On Thursday and Friday reduce your calorie intake slightly so that you are in credit going into the weekend. Maybe its having 35g of rice with dinner instead of 70g or having 1 slice of toast with your scrambled eggs each day instead of 2. All these small sacrifices add up to extra calories for the weekend.


  1. Get a sweat on to start the weekend

Getting a workout done on Saturday morning is a sure fire way to kick start your metabolism for the day so that you can enjoy your night out with friends or family birthday meal guilt free. Not only will you burn calories during your workout but if you work hard enough then your body will be burning more calories for a few hours afterwards. So that’s a double bonus.


  1. Have a big breakfast

Having a big breakfast will fill you up and deter your from snacking on needless rubbish throughout the day. Have what you would normally have for breakfast during the week. Some eggs or some porridge to fill you up. Then you can have a lighter lunch if you are going out for a big meal at night or having a takeaway at home.


  1. Go All in ONCE

The word cheat meal gets thrown around like an empty tracksuit and people focus on it far too much when it comes to ‘Dieting’ but I am all for having an indulgent meal once or twice a week to satisfy any cravings and to get it our your system till next week. If we limit it to once a week then we are not going to go too far over our calorie intake for the day. Especially if we have followed all the other steps mentioned.


  1. Down it, Down it

Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water over the weekend. People seem to get to the weekend and forget they need water to live. Sometimes when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty. So please make sure you drink plenty and that will stop you snacking as much thinking you hungry when you are not.


Ok there it is. 5 Tips to get you through the weekend. It’s fool proof or bullet proof for that matter but it will definitely help if you can implement these.


Good Luck.